Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment:

  1. Binding Conditions

Once an enrolment is accepted by London Churchill College Ltd (The College) the following conditions become legally binding. The Student agrees to be bound by the online regulations, policies and procedures available on The College website and/or the Student Portal. (Paper copies are available on request).

  1. Definitions

2.1.           ‘The College’ – London Churchill College Limited Registered in England and Wales, Registration Number 05995926.

2.2.            ‘The Student’ – the person who is studying his or her academic programme at The College.

2.3.            ‘Fee Payer’ – person responsible for the payment of fees for The Student. Hereafter the ‘Fee Payer’ is the Student personally (even if the fee is to be paid by the Student Loans Company).

  1. Payment of Fees

3.1.            The tuition fees for the course will be as stated in the offer letter The Student received from The College upon acceptance onto a course. The Fee Payer is obliged to pay the agreed tuition fee upon enrolment of The Student.

  1. Non-payment of fees

4.1.            The College reserves the right to terminate The Student’s enrolment at any time during the registration period of a course where fees are outstanding, or where any agreed instalment payment defaults.

4.2         The student is liable to pay the full academic year tuition fees personally if he/she is terminated under section 20 of this terms and conditions.

4.3.            The College may take legal action for the recovery of monies due and, in such circumstances, The College reserves the right to make reasonable charges to represent the administrative and other costs to The College occasioned by the non-payment.

  1. Fee increases

5.1.            The College reserves the right to adjust the fees at any time. However, fee increases will not apply in cases where the fees have already been agreed.

  1. Expenses and Disbursements

6.1.            All additional services (trips, examination fees, materials, etc.) must be paid for in advance in cash if The College so requests. Any invoiced expenses or disbursements will be due for payment within fourteen days by the Fee Payer.  The College regrets that it cannot extend credit to The Student.

  1. Services

7.1.            The College reserves the right to change details of its advertised services, courses, facilities and course dates where circumstances, beyond The College’s control, necessitate such changes or where the number of enrolments is not enough to operate a course viably.

  1. Discontinuation of registration

8.1.            If The College requires The Student to leave the course or programme for reasons of breach of The College’s Student Code of Conduct, attendance, progress, or any other reasonable reason, The Student will remain liable for the whole fee agreed at enrolment.

  1. Liability for fees

9.1.            The Student will remain liable for the whole amount agreed at enrolment. Any reimbursement approved by the Principal will be made within a reasonable time from the date of receipt of the application for such reimbursement.

  1. Discontinuation of courses

10.1.          Where courses are cancelled by The College, The College may reimburse all payment on account related to the remainder of the course.

  1. Course transfers

11.1.          Any Student who is enrolled on a course and wishes to transfer to a different course should put this request in writing to the Academic Office. The Director of Studies or his/her nominated person will make the decision. There will be no refunds for courses at a lower fee. If The Student wishes to transfer to a new course in the middle of an existing course, The College reserves the right to demand all outstanding fees in respect of the existing course.

  1. Course or module cancellation and discontinuation

12.1.          The College reserves the right to discontinue a programme or not run a programme or a unit/module within a programme. The College will attempt to notify The Student individually, or as part of a group collectively, of such action.

  1. Course deferment and course transfer

13.1.          The Student is not allowed to intermit or defer a semester without formal written confirmation by The College. In case of course deferment, The College may have to notify other relevant stakeholders of such decision.

  1. Withdrawal prior to programme start

14.1.          The acceptance of The Student’s enrolment at The College means that a place has been reserved for The Student at The College. In cases where that place is cancelled by the Fee Payer, the following charges shall apply:

14.1.1.  12 weeks or more before the Programme starts – No fee;

14.1.2.  8 – 12 weeks before the Programme starts – £100 administration fee;

14.1.3.  1 – 8 weeks before the Programme starts – 50% of the full applicable tuition fee;

14.1.4.  1 week before the Programme starts or after it has started – the full applicable tuition fee.

14.2.          Written withdrawal requests must be given to the Principal. A receipt will be issued in writing via email or by post. Failure to provide written cancellation will incur the full fee applicable.

  1. Withdrawal after the programme starts

15.1.          In order to withdraw during the programme, The Student is required to give notice in writing, at least 12 weeks before the date from which withdrawal takes effect. In any event The Student is liable to pay full tuition fees.

  1. Changes of the terms and conditions by awarding bodies

16.1.          The College is not responsible if respective awarding bodies change their policies and apply these to existing students in retrospect.

  1. Term Registration

17.1.          The Student is responsible to undertake registration before the term-registration deadline In case of non-registration The Student may not be allowed to continue the programme and is deemed to have intentionally withdrawn from the programme.

  1. Medical Provision

18.1.          If, as a result of illness or injury or other emergency, unforeseen event or change in personal circumstances, a place at The College is cancelled, or The Student is withdrawn from a Programme, then the relevant charges or fees, set out in sections 13, 14 and 15 above, will apply.

  1. Grounds for exclusion

19.1.          The Student must abide by The College’s rules as set out in the prospectus, the Student Handbook, Programme Handbooks, any published policy or as may be published or announced by the College from time to time.

19.2.          The College reserves the right to require The Student’s withdrawal including immediate withdrawal from a Programme, or part of a Programme, for breaching the College policies.

19.3.          In the event of The Student’s temporary or permanent exclusion from a Programme, or expulsion from The College, The Student remains liable to pay the full tuition fees.

  1. Termination

20.1.          The College reserves the right to terminate The Student in the event of any the following occurrences:

20.1.1.     Attendance at timetabled course sessions does not meet minimum requirements;

20.1.2.     Non-payment of fees;

20.1.3.     Levels of academic submissions does not meet minimum standards;

20.1.4.     Conduct is in contravention of behaviour outlined in existing policies obtainable from The College.

  1. Penalties and fines

21.1.          The Student is liable for any breakages, loss or damage caused by The Student to the premises in which The Student is being taught.

21.2.          The College may impose a reasonable penalty or fine for other forms of misconduct such as contravening health & safety regulations or infringing College policy.

  1. Brand Advocate

22.1.          Before applying to study at The College, The Students might have consulted a nominated brand advocate/agent for advice and support.  In that circumstance The Student is strongly advised not to pay any fee to the brand advocate/agent as The College will be responsible to pay for all appropriate services provided.

  1. Personal property

23.1.          The College does not accept responsibility or liability whatsoever, including liability through the acts, omissions or negligence of its employees, agents or assignees for The Student’s personal property.  The Student is advised to take out personal insurance to cover any loss or damage to personal property which may occur while The Student is at The College.

  1. Publicity

24.1.          By enrolling with The College, The Student, and the Fee Payer, consent to the reasonable use of The Student’s details and academic achievements, including images or recordings of The Student howsoever made, for promotional purposes.

  1. Privacy Policy

25.1.          By making an application to The College for study, The Student agrees to the usage and storage of information for The College and any other relevant authorities such as SLC, BIS, HESA, QAA, HEFCE, etc. without written consent or notification.

25.2.          The Student hereby agrees that The Student’s photo, quotes and details of achievements may be used for promotional purposes (printed and online) without written consent or notification.

  1. Data protection

26.1.          Any information provided to The College may be held on computer and shall be used by The College in accordance with its data protection registration and the data protection policies.

26.2.          The Student is obliged to notify The College of a change of address, phone number or email address while enrolled on a course.

26.3.          London Churchill College will use your personal information for academic and/or administrative purposes, including providing references on your behalf. The College is legally required to release your personal data to statutory bodies such as the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), the Student Loans Company (SLC) and the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). The College, the Government or their respective agents may need to check the accuracy of personal information provided by students against external data sources. Your personal data will also be released where other legislation, such as the Protection of Children Act 1999 or the Mental Health Act 2007, overrules the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. To know more about student data collection follow the link: https://www.hesa.ac.uk/about/regulation/data-protection/notices

  1. Liability

27.1.          The College shall not be liable for death or personal injury suffered by The Student except as may arise through the negligence of The College.

  1. Force Majeure

28.1.          The College is not liable in the event where it is unable to fulfil any service to which it is contractually bound because of fire, natural disaster, acts of government, failure of suppliers or subcontractors, labour disputes or other reasons which are outside its control.

  1. Equal Opportunities

29.1.          The College operates an equal opportunities policy. It aims to ensure that no applicant will receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of age, sex, marital status, disability, race, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or political or religious belief.

  1. Jurisdiction

30.1.          The terms and conditions attached herein are governed by English Law. In case of legal dispute, this must be resolved in the UK.

30.2.          Any item in these terms and conditions are subject to regulatory changes and The College reserve the right to make changes to the terms and conditions to ensure that they comply with current legislation.

30.3.          If any of the items in this terms and conditions are not valid or legally enforceable, the other terms will not be affected. The College may alter any term that is not effective with a similar item that is effective.

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